G8dhq biography


My first experience into electronics/electrics was at eight when my Father brought me home a pair of army field telephones with Morse keys attached. Luckily the diagrams were pictorial and I manage to get them working.


It my early years I did a lot of experimenting with electronic.( leaning from books.)

When I was thirteen the local radio club had a stand at the local hobbies show Tunbridge Wells.


in 1960 I joined the RAF. There were a number of us in training that obtained some army wireless sets (18sets, 19sets and 38sets)which we used on military frequencies. There was also an amateur radio club, but as none of us had a licence so we could only listen.


In 1968 I was in Hong Kong where I was encouraged by Maurice Caplan (VS6AA) to obtain my Amateur radio Licence by taking the RAE at the Army education centre( see my Amateur radio picture from Hong Kong).

After returning to the U.K.in September 1970. I took a holiday in Germany with Maurice (DL5YW ex VS6AA- G3NWQ later VS5MC AND now SK). We went to Trier for the 1970 CQWW Contest and helped The Contest Group operate DK0WA from the tech collage.


After the holiday I returned to RAF High Wycombe I joined the RSGB AND Mid-Thames Raynet.

In July 1972I was sent on a course to HMS Collingwood. As well as working the Locals on my Heathkit ďTwoerĒ I met Ian (G8ATV) and we used to go Portable on Butser Hill (see Photos).

After I got married in November 1972. we got a flat in Chorley Wood where I managed to set up a 2 mtr beam on the flat roof as well as monitoring the Mid-Thames Raynet frequency.


In April 1973 I was Posted to RAF Gan I was allocated call sign VS9DD( should have been VS9M?) I didnít have any equipment of my own but worked from the Radio club both as VS9DD and VS9MB (Club call)


When I left the RAF in December 1974 I got a job with British rail In Birmingham and worked Train Mobile from the Guards van, to and from work.


I joined Staffordshire RaynetandsupportedtheFire Brigade with the forest fires of 1977 when British Rail moved me to Crewe there was No Raynet so I restarted Cheshire Raynet. and was awarded the Raynet Cup for doing so.


When my endowment paid out in 2000 I Bought an FT847 ready for my retirement.

I Obtained call sign M3DHQ but never used it. When the Morse requirement was dropped I didnít bother renewing the M3 call as I can now use my G8 call on HF.

In recent years I have been well known on 70cm, working mobile to and from work.


Since Iíve had to go into medical retirement Iíve tried to get back on the air on H.F. but the idea of having my radio equipment in the bookcase in the living room has not worked, also the long wire is picking up too much local QRM.

Iíve have obtained a JaybeamTB3 antenna and a 40/80 dipole .I am trying to get them up and move the shack to the spare bedroom. Hopefully then I will be then regular on most band.