Highlights in the life of David Digby.

I was born in Petwoth in Sussex in January 1945. I was educated in different schools in Sussex and Kent.

It became evident hat I had a naturally ability in electronics. so in 1960 I joined the RAF, where I was official taught Electronics.

In 1968 I was in Hong Kong where I was encouraged to obtain my Amateur radio Licence ( see my Amateur radio picture from Hong Kong). and I meet my First True Love.

A lovely girl Called Liu Fung Yee.

I asked her to marry me but however her family was ageist her marrying a "gwei lou" and eventfully she agreed with her family on an arranged marriage. I have not had contact with here since, but would like to get in contact to find out how she is and whether her choose was correct.

After returning to England I  continued with amateur radio and joined Mid-Thames Raynet . then in 1972 I .searched for a new love .and  found Linda. We fell in love immediately. We were engaged within a Week and married in just over a Month.. Our son was born in 1973. I left he RAF in 1974 and Joined British rail, first at Birmingham and then to Crewe.. I joined Staffordshire raynet  and was supporting the  Fire Brigade for the forest fires of 1977 when I moved to Crewe there was No Raynet so I restarted Cheshire Raynet. and was awarded the Raynet Cup for doing so

My daughter was born in 1975

Since then  I have mainly been employed in electronic design or maintenance as well as running my own spare time company..

In November 2006 I had to go into Hospital To have A Tumour removed from the right side of my neck. The operation became complicated and ended up taking 8 and a half hours. during the operation the blood flow in the cerotic artery had to be stopped which resulted in brain damage similar to a stroke. also after the operation it took 2 hours to come round from the anaesthetic. The "stroke" and damage to the nerves has left me with a weak left side and swallowing and speech problems. Typical of stokes I am recovering but only slowly. Due to my age now being near to retiring . I am be advise to go into medical retirement.

I will never stop doing Electronics but it looks like it will only be hobby from now on..

Finally I would like to state that Linda has been what has got me through it all. It was her who woke me from the  anaesthetic and when I got Phenomena in recover she stayed with me all night. She Continues to to care for me during the slow recovery.








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