Cheshire Raynet Groups

The Cheshire Raynet Groups consists of a County Organisation under The County Controller, and Three Groups: West Cheshire, Central Cheshire and East Cheshire.
The Cheshire Raynet Groups are part of National Raynet.

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Cheshire Raynet Technical Team

The Cheshire Raynet Technical Team are members of Cheshire Raynet Groups who meet to plan and engineer the equipment required for Backup Emergency Communications provided by Amateurs in Cheshire.

Standard Connections.

RAYNET have a set of Standard Connections so that it is possible equipment owned by one Member to the used with equipment owned by another member or the Group.

Standard DC Power connection for Radio Equipment in RAYNET use.

Standard Audio Connections for Raynet Use
Known as CAIRO (Communications Audio Interface for Remote Operations)
Introduced by the Solihull and Chelmsey Wood RAYNET Group

Full Specification of the CAIRO interface can be seen on the Offical Cairo Page

Further information can be obtained from me. (due to my medical accident I am no longer the tech team leader but I am still a member.

Digger (G8DHQ)

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